10 Dec

Sentinels Of The Morning, Valparai

I look at these tiny blades that grow on the ruins of a ledge, holding up the dew at daybreak as if to herald in the morning. They seem oblivious to their own beauty, to their ability to capture and hold light, as they host these drops much larger than themselves. And quietly as the dew falls off they stand tall once again, till the next morning.

Photograph & write up by Supritha M Krishna

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We all need regular breaks, be it a day’s off from our daily chores, life’s chaos, the work stress, the urban traffic or a relationship crisis. Be it anything, what matters is the break that you need. How often is that idea put into action? Well, we don’t blame you for the inaction. We have been there, done that and hence the idea of F5 Escapes. Let us help you travel. Sustainably, responsibly, safely.