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  • Well planned. Punctuality, food, breaks, information about sites, safety, everything was perfect. You've clearly understood the needs of a modern day woman traveller. Well done.
  • Since i was a solo traveler,my biggest concern was safety & security.I have no words to describe about the safety in each place.. Each place you had mentioned was mind blowing. Enjoyed to the core!!
    a solo trip to the Himalayas
  • Thanks to F5 for such great and meticulous planning. For once we didn't have to worry about planning and details and really have vacation the way it was meant to be. The stay, follow ups, places of visit, suggestion on food places and shopping was all fantastic. It's a different feeling and experience we as family had all together. F5 gave us not just vacation experience but also an experience of local living and in that sense it was a true experiential travel. Thank you girls... We just loved every bit of our vacation... kudos to you guys !!!
    Saraswathi and family
  • I just had to state my requirement and every single thing was taken care of from beginning to end. I didn't have to worry about a thing. Malini kept in touch frequently before the trip to ensure we had all the details we need for the travel. She checked in during the trip to ensure everything went well The reason I use F5 services over and over is because of this kind of personal attention and care to travellers' needs
  • The place arranged for us to stay was really neat, clean and the people were very friendly. All travel arrangements - train, cab - and other details were organized without us having to bother about anything. Suggested travel and food places were really good. Had a great time in Pondicherry!
    Shoba and friends
  • The arrangements were really very good. The hotel stay was very comfortable and quite near the parks. The driver was knowledgeable, friendly, and maintained time very well.
    Kannan & Family
  • Loved the homestay and the food was the best part of the whole trip (I love Kerala food). Uravu was a good idea and so was the nature walk in the island. It was good that we didn't have to spend too much time in only travelling around but could spend more time with nature. The next good part of the trip was the fellow lady travelers who were mere strangers in the beginning of the trip and cool friends to have at the end of it 🙂 This is the best part of F5 Escapes....we get to make friendship with women from all walks of life and the common interest that we all have is to travel and explore in peace. Hats off to the tour lead for taking care of everything so well 🙂 And finally my daughter concludes that all ladies and gals should experience F5 Escapes !
    Shoba & daughter
  • Loved the entire trip, the sense of adventure, fun n spotting unusual things, visiting unexplored places ... Also the pricing was fairly reasonable- which is a huge plus point n there were no hidden charges ( a total relief) Overall- a fantastic experience n i feel really safe n tension-free n relaxed while undertaking your trips especially to distant far-flung destinations. Definitely look forward to probably planning an overseas trip- if any planned in the near future. Cheers to the entire team of F5 and of course a special mention - Malini, you truly rock!!!!
  • Everything was taken care. So, I didn't have to worry about anything. Also, Sakleshpur was a beautiful little village worth visiting. Trip lead was highly engaged with us. She did a wonderful job in taking care of us during all the activities.
  • Loved everything about the place. Organised so well. Places chosen was well worth the visit . Thrilled because I could get over the fear of water and go scuba diving and snorkeling. Fantastic trip lead. A well planned trip overall.
    Sandhya Menon
  • I wonder if, a few words would really justify the wonderful moments we had in the 2 days at Waynad!! There was learning, tranquility, fun & adventure. And, I know that I have put on at least a kilogram or two with all the yummy food 🙂 The homestay was well maintained with warm and friendly hosts. The itinerary was well planned with ample of time to soak into the uniqueness of each place, and I must add, I made some really lovely friends 🙂 It was a truly refreshing experience!! Thanks to Team F5 for turning our weekend into an awesome retreat!!
  • First of all, the organisation was really great! Thanks for organising it at such short notice! I liked very much that we did not have to worry about transportation as it was all well organised. We simply could sit back and relax. The people behind it (F5, driver, and Chandru from the farm) gave me a good overall feeling and were truly supportive and helpful all the time. Beside that I appreciated to stay in the countryside off the tourist paths where we could get insights into a real authentic way of living in rural India. We felt welcomed by the villagers and had some nice interactions. And at least but not last, the home-made food was delicious!
    Kathrin Honegger
  • Hassle-free, well-organized, attention to details, friendly host, the care taken to ensure safety measures for all girls groups..I did end my first trip on a positive note about F5 Escapes.
    Anupama Subramanya
  • Loved everything! This trip satisfied the child in me, the artist in me and the spiritual side of me. The experience at the beach made me nostalgic, the pot making and paper factory thrilled my creativity, and the Ashram, church and temple along with the maasi magam satisfied the spiritual cravings. Thank you for a lovely experience.....it is the best of all the trips I have had with F5 so far. For once, I even enjoyed shopping! 😉 Looking forward to more trips with F5 Escapes in future.
  • There are some things which cannot be put in words. Love is one of them and then there is Ladakh the land of scenic beauty, rustic charm and nature at its best. Nevertheless, my experience of Ladakh was awesome in those brilliant moments spent in the lap of majestic Himalayas. I would definitely recommend my friends to experience the same as I did with F5 Escapes. F5 Escapes you rock.
  • The trip was well packaged with well- thought/well-chosen spots to visit. The endeavor to savor the local malnad cuisine along with knowing the local culture and people is commendable. The visit to the heritage house stands out as a genuine effort to know the people of the chikmangalur and appreciating the heritage they have been preserving for generations now. For me who is an explorer at heart, it was a fulfilling experience barring a few hiccups (some delays). Well done!
  • Oh, what tranquility does waking up to the chirping of birds bring! At a place far away from the bustle and noise of city life, the resort stands out as a wonderful retreat for anyone on the lookout for that perfect vacation that could promise complete peace of mind. Staying in the "wood house on concrete stilts" was a very unique experience. The food for breakfast and dinner was delectable and the portions were generous. Thanks to F5 Escapes for the great planning and flawless execution as usual!
    Jayanth & Family