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29 Sep

Andaman Islands – Get your Beach fix here!

The best part about being in India is one can spend a lifetime exploring the country and it is still possible to find new invigorating places and never bored. From the heights of the Himalayas to the depths of the seas, it would be hard to find something elsewhere that cannot be found in India as well.

One of those places which does not feel like mainland India (Maybe because it is not mainland India) is the Andamans. Even geographically it is much closer to Indonesia and Myanmar than to Mainland India. And this offers a spectacular opportunity to explore the depths of the sea – diving to the corals, swimming between the fishes and to literally be transported to a different world altogether.

The Beach fix:

There could be no better place to get your beach fix than the Andamans. With its pristine white sand beaches in secluded areas, you would be spoilt for choice here with the places from where you can watch the glorious sunset. Put on your beach wear, sunglasses and of course don’t forget your sunscreen… you are not going to resist wanting to stay in the sun!

Bring out the amphibian in you!

When walking on land gets too mainstream – You head to the Andamans. Get ready to swim, snorkel, dive, walk on the sea bed, be lowered into the sea in a glass box – anything you want that has to do with H2O. A short flight out from the mainland, are the Andaman islands where you get to see world famous underwater sights. The underwater life in the Andamans is well known around the world as one that is teeming with life.

Mangroves and Tropical forests:

The Andamans is not just the sun and the sand. The islands are full of dense mangrove forests. Picking one of them for a short trip or more will not leave you disappointed.


If scuba diving and all the water sports were not enough adventure for you, you could try your hand at caving with some fantastic limestone formations. Just like underwater worlds, caves have their own unique flora and fauna worth exploring. Turn on your lamps and shine the light on life in yet another unexplored world!

The Jail:

After all the adventure, a good dose of history is on the cards and does us good. It is no surprise Andaman was a favorite for holding prisoners. Remote islands have always been preferred as Jails coz you can escape the Jail but how do you escape the waters? But here in Andaman, there is a twist – enjoy the sound and light show at the cellular jail!

Ultimately, there is nothing quite like enjoying the tranquility lying on a beach listening to the waves tease you going back and forth and being far (quite far) away from the city and the corporate world. So pack your bags to Andaman – Get ready for a great mix of adventure, lazing around the sun and the sand!

To know more about upcoming all-women trip to Andamans (26th Jan – 2nd Feb, 2018), click here.

This article is originally written by Bharati Raghothaman

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