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Andaman Islands are charmed and have a hint of mystery. The astounding clarity of the azure waters, makes you question the impossible mess of our urban lives! And those who thought Andamans are just about coastlines and pristine beaches have again failed to estimate the dimensions of this gem. There are dense mangroves and limestone caves which transport you to another world.

This trip explores Andaman a little beyond the beaten path. While we indulge in water sports at Havelock, we also visit the much lesser known Long Island and Guitar Island, which are as good as untouched. Laze around at beautiful Neil island and just do nothing.

For the explorers, there is a whole new marine world to be the amphibian you always suspected you are – dive deep and be aware of your every breath! Drive through the Jarawa tribal belt and visit islands that are uninhabited, trek to a beautiful vantage point at Munda Parbat and walk on a sandbar across Ross & Smith island.

Andaman archipelago has over 550 islands, out of which only 28 are inhabited and only around 22 of the 550 are open to visitors. We are setting foot on 8 of them!

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Day 1 - 26 Jan 2019

Arrive at Port Blair by morning/afternoon and settle. Start for Ross Island at 2:30 PM. Although now it is in ruins and uninhabited, this island served as the capital to the Britishers from 1858 to 1941 when the Japanese occupied it and converted it to a POW site.

This island homes the ruins of the church, Chief Commissioner’s house, the Cathedral and graveyard of the Britishers and few other important landmarks, which today, are hugged by wild vines, huge roots and trunks of century-old trees. Spot some deer and attend the light and sound show to understand its history. Return to Port Blair.  Overnight at Port Blair.

Day 2 - 27 Jan 2019

We start very early morning, at around 3 AM, and proceed to North Andamans today. Depending on which route is open, we take the Andaman Trunk Road or the sea route, first to Baratang and then to Mayabunder.

Journey to Baratang is a little tedious one. But it is a reward in itself. Visit the mangrove forest and the limestone caves. And you thought Andamans is only about the beaches? Overnight at Diglipur.

Day 3 - 28 Jan 2019

Today is our day to visit the lesser known islands of Andamans. Wake up much earlier than sunrise, around 3am, and visit the turtle nesting ground at the nearby Kalipur Beach. Return and relax.

After breakfast we  take a boat to the beautiful sandbar islands of Ross & Smith. Two secluded island connected by a thin sandbar, practically forming a lagoon. This will be the best place to take a refreshing dip. The sandbar widens & narrows down twice a day exhibiting natural phenomenon. Spotless, fine sand spreads, crystal clear water of different shades and a smooth sloping beach with lush green forests. Ah, Paradise!

Proceed to Rangat after a packed lunch. Overnight at Rangat.

Day 4 - 29 Jan 2019

We set out today in a fibre boat to Long Island & Guitar Island. These two don’t really feature in mainstream itineraries of Andamans and most tourists aren’t aware of them. But for birders and nature lovers, it is a treasure. We take a 1.5 hours boat journey to the Long Island, cruising through a Mangrove creek. The Lalaji Bay in Long Island is a pristine sandy beach. With thick forest cover and plantations, this also provides a good hiking opportunity to the nearby cove, if time and weather permits.

We also touch the Guitar island, named so, because of its shape. The Fiber Boat leaves you near the tip of the island shore. From there one can walk along the long, narrow, white beach. The water is as expected crystal clear and the silence that the air holds gives amazing peace to the mind. Return to Rangat and relax after the eventful expedition. Overnight at Rangat.

Day 5 - 30 Jan 2019

Start early morning and catch the 6 AM ferry to Havelock Island. By this time you are already a seasoned sailor. Today’s journey takes up almost the entire day as we leave the main archipelago of Great Andaman and move the the smaller Ritchie archipelago, of which Havelock island is a part of. You will need the evening today to just recuperate from the long sea journey. Relax at your stay and sleep well. Overnight at Havelock.

Day 6 - 31 Jan 2019

After our explorations of the quiet and unexplored beaches, we now find ourselves in one of the most famous destinations of Andaman islands. Popular and no less beautiful, Havelock island provides ample opportunities for diving, under sea walk, snorkelling and other water activities. Spend the day above, in or under water!

We spread the activities across Elephant beach and other diving points. Enjoy the sunset at Radhanagar beach. Overnight at Havelock.

Day 7 - 01 Feb 2019

We move towards Neil Island after breakfast. Less than 14 square kilometers in area, this is a flat, tiny island where the pace is relaxed and the Rosogollas are to die for. Equally mesmerising are the sunset at Lakshmanpur beach and natural rock-bridge formations. Today is a do-nothing evening. But you can also hire a two wheeler and ride around the length and breadth of this small cosy bump in the ocean.

Day 8 - 02 Feb 2019

Get back to Port Blair today and relax. In the evening explore Chidiyatapu beach for sunset. A small trek to Munda Parbat will give you a jaw dropping view from the cliff. Spend some time shopping back in Port Blair. Overnight at Port Blair.

Day 9 - 03 Feb 2019

After breakfast, we explore the Cellular Jail and the Anthropology Museum, depending on the time of your return flight. Andaman Islands are extremely interesting from an anthropological point of view. Andamanese people, forming 5 major tribes, traditionally lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and appear to have lived in substantial isolation for thousands of years. The Andamanese settled the Andaman Islands around the latest Glacial Maximum, ca. 26,000 years ago.

Depart for Port Blair Airport. Tour ends.


  • All Transfers in exclusive AC Cab (Tavera/ Xylo / Ertiga/TT)
  • Permits, Ferry Charges and Boat charges
  • Entry Tickets except camera charges
  • Chartered fibre boat for Long island and Guitar island excursion
  • Complimentary Snorkelling at Elephant beach
  • All meals starting from Dinner on Day 1 to Breakfast on Day 9. Some meals may be packed due to logistical constraints. Lunches will all be vegetarian, you can order a non-veg dish during lunch at your expense.
  • All applicable taxes
  • 8 nights’ accommodation on twin sharing basis (AC at Port Blair, Diglipur, Rangat and Havelock, Non AC at Neil)
  • Your F5 trip lead‘s guidance


  • Flights from your city of residence to Port Blair
  • Travel cost from your city of residence to Chennai and back.
  • Scuba Diving@Rs. 4200.00, Under Sea Walk@Rs. 3900.00 per head.
  • Boat Rides (Banana Ride, Jet Ski Ride, Speed Boat Ride) @Rs. 250 – 350 per head in Port Blair.
  • Boat Rides (Banana Ride, Jet Ski Ride, Speed Boat Ride) @Rs. 600 – 700 per head in Havelock.
  • Alcohol
  • Food other than inclusions
  •  Tips
  •  Shopping and personal expenses
  • 5% GST

Terms & Conditions

  • If cancelled 90 days or more in advance, cancellation fee is 12% of the trip amount.
  •  25% of the trip cost if cancelled 89 – 60 days in advance.
  •  50% of the trip cost if cancelled 59 to 16 days in advance.
  • Last 15 days – no show – entire amount will be forfeited.
  • If you use our services to book flights, cancellation charges of the flights will apply.

Option of Deffered trip:

Following conditions apply:

  • You need to choose the trip you would like to go with instead (the deferred trip) within 2 months of deciding to cancel.
  • The travel start date of the deferred trip should be within 6 months from the day you decide to cancel.
  • There can be only one such change and once you decide the deferred trip, the cancellation policy of that trip applies.
  • You cannot choose a short trip (less than 5 days) as a deferred trip.
  • You have an option of parking the paid amount with us for a future trip, if you wish to cancel joining this trip 60 days or more in advance.


  • This is a non-smoking and a non-alcoholic trip for all practical reasons.
  • All our trips are well-researched, including identifying access to medical facilities. In case of a medical emergency, F5 will assist the traveller in getting medical attention.
  • F5 Escapes is in no way responsible for any untoward incident happening due to the ignorance/negligence of the guests, natural/man-made calamities, accidents or any other events that are out of human control during the trip.
  • F5 reserves the right to cancel the trip under certain conditions – in such a case, the amount will be refunded in full.

Arrival & Departure timings

Arrival – anytime before 1:30 PM on Day 1.

Departure – anytime after 2PM on Day 9


Though it is winter season however considering its coastal region, the temperature might vary from 14 degree to 28 degree.

*Please note that now a days, climate/ weather is dependent on many factors and unpredictable hence above information might be subject to change during your actual travel days


All stays in beautiful service apartments/resorts on twin sharing basis. Every property is a different experience in this trip!


We have tried and planned your meals at great restaurants/ hotel etc. There’s a plethora of sea foods that you could just savour on and on.

Breakfast and/or lunches on some of the days will have to be packed owing to long sea travel or travel to the areas where habitation and facilities are minimum. Lunches will all be vegetarian. However, you are free to order a non-veg dish at your expense during lunches.

Note > Prepare > Accept > Embrace

• This trip requires some long sea-bound journeys. If you are easily sea-sick or motion-sick, please reconsider.

• You should be carrying a small towel and your swim-wear on most days. Trip lead will advise accordingly.

• Please remember that Andaman archipelago is a group of islands and weather patterns sometimes get unpredictable. In a situation that the sea is rough, the trip lead may be forced to reshuffle the activities, because safety is our major concern. We give our heart and soul to make sure that you get to do everything we have planned. But “act of God” is something we cannot control.

• The day you are travelling to Baratang will start very early. You are supposed to leave your stay at 3AM.  In case the Grand Andaman Trunk road is open, Baratang journey goes through Jarawah forest which is highly protected. They start at 6AM and we intend to join the first convoy itself to avoid reaching late. For this, it is necessary that we are amongst the first in line and complete the formalities of ID etc before the gate open. There will be multiple ferry crossings on this day.

• Jarawahs are the native of Andamans and a protected tribe. Any photography is strictly prohibited during the drive in the forest. You will be advised to keep your cameras inside and we insist you strictly follow this. Photography in Jarawah forest (whether or not you are clicking a Jarawah) may incur a penalty of upto 7 years imprisonment.

• We are not allowed to stop in the forest so use the loo before starting the journey.

• Most of our days will be starting early in order to catch the convoy or meet the entry time of a limited-permit island. Please follow trip lead’s guidelines on timings.

• Coral and Shell collection is prohibited and punishable by law under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972

• Rangat is chosen as a base for its connectivity owing to the jetty. As a town, it doesn’t have much to offer and the stay will be basic rooms. We will be using the stay in Rangat only as a base for our excursions.

• Diglipur and Rangat are beautiful, offbeat villages in North Andamans, thankfully not yet commercialized. Please expect very basic yet clean accommodation. Towels many not be available here, so please carry your own.

• SCUBA can be scheduled during your stay in Havelock (Day 6). Please notify the trip lead by the 4th day if you want to do that. If you are scared of SCUBA, you can try the under sea walk later that day at Elephant beach. On this day, expect a late lunch, so please do carry snacks.

• A little bit of walking will be required on the beaches and around the natural bridge at Neil. A short trek is expected on the Long Island. As for the Munda Parbat trek (2.5 hours in all), you can choose to opt out and relax at the Chidiya Tapu beach instead. We do hope you join it, though. It is worth it.

• The ferry transport to and from Havelock may be on government ferry or a small private ferry called Macruzz. The govt ferry will allow you to stand on the deck and experience the sea wind in your hair. Do try being there instead of sitting in the cabin. It is magical. Macruzz will not allow this as it is a small cruiser.

• On days we have activities and long road journeys, delays are inevitable. We will try mitigating them, but please do expect slightly late lunches. Carry your snacks. 

• Our group could be a mix of vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We will ensure that you get the food for your preference, but please remember that it is an island destination famous for its sea-food. So while you will get your vegetarian food, kindly understand that the restaurant will also be serving non-veg. If you are a non-vegetarian, please do not be offended if your fellow traveler may opt for a different table because she may not be okay with the smell.

• Network is bad even in Port Blair. Chances of BSNL working are higher in Port Blair. North Andamans, Middle Andamans and Neil will have non-existent network. Havelock will be patchy.

• While returning, please remember that you will have to reach Port Blair airport at least 2 hours in advance. It is a small airport and takes a lot of time to check-in.

• All ferries require the passengers to report an hour prior to departure.

Andamans, Jan 2018

“My F5 trip to the Andaman Islands was excellent! It was my first with F5 and I was thoroughly impressed. Almost every aspect was well organized, which was no easy task especially in the more remote parts of the North Andamans. We lucked out with a wonderful group that was adventure-loving, humorous and considerate. We were led by a lovely tour lead, who was enthusiastic and accommodating. I highly recommend a trip with F5 and congratulate them for the amazing work they are doing for women’s travel in India. I look forward to many more trips myself! Thanks F5 Escapes :)”

– Neena Jain

‘F5 Escapes’ is a Bangalore-based, experiential travel company, with a focus on redefining the way women travel in India. The premise of F5 is an ambitious dream –  to put India on the global travel map as a preferred destination for women from across the globe.

F5 Escapes offers fixed departure all-women group tours, customized itineraries for families, groups and solo travellers. We also do in-city engagements which include #JustGo travel meetups, workshops to educate women on travel safety, sustainable menstruation, motorbiking etc.

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