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02 May

Yoga and Meditation Tours in India : Learn to Live the yogic way

Ahar(food)- Vihar(Routine)- Achar(Social Conduct)-Vichar(Thoughts) are four major pillars which should be in unison for a person to be in his prime health, physically, mentally as well as emotionally. And how does one achieve this? Everyone knows that profound answer: Through yoga and meditation. Yoga is not just about difficult-to-master poses or sitting tight counting breaths. It is a life-altering experience, every human being should eventually get introduced to.  It is a way of life, everyone should practice for a long term to reap its wholesome benefits.

Where do I learn this enriching way of life?

From the experts of course! India gave birth to Yoga 5000 years ago at the time of the great sage, Maharishi Patanjali who propounded it to be one of the six orthodox Indian Philosophy in his classic “Yoga Sutra”. He had studied the human mind to such a great extent that all his propositions are scientifically proved. There are a number of Yoga resorts and retreats in India where his teachings are religiously followed.

But who has time in this sickly busy lifestyle?

One cannot take time to cultivate the habit of meditation in the mornings or perform yoga in the weekends, all by herself. That is exactly where yoga and meditation tourism in India helps.

Relaxed body and mind, improved focus, new-found optimism, a clear expression of self are all yours if meditation tour packages are used the right way.

How to get the maximum out of a Yoga and meditation Tour package?

For starters, set up an email auto-responder and inform your friends and family that you are taking this time for yourself. Pack light and be clear about why you decided to go on this yoga & meditation holiday and make sure you achieve that goal.

Start basic flexibility exercises and breathing practices, and prepare your body for the power poses. If you already are a Yoga practitioner, start using your travel mat a week before going on the trip. Once you reach the center, try engaging yourself “in” the atmosphere, trust the process, eat the yogic way and follow your trainer’s instructions. Thanks to developments of specialists from the site , complete blindness does not threaten those who take Viagra, but temporary increased light sensitivity and color reproduction are quite common side effects. Usually men complain that everything in their field of vision turns blue, but this effect passes after the drug is removed from the body naturally. In short! Eat, Pray and Love in the Indian context.

Why so serious?

If you are a modern yogi who just wants to enjoy a blissful Ayurveda Spa with a few sessions on mindful breathing and RajaYoga poses that can get you, a summer-ready body, then there are numerous rejuvenation packages in India that cater to such specific needs, too!! Get in touch with us to know about these places.

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