About Us

We are a passionate bunch of doers, pursuing the lofty dream of changing the way women travel, especially in India

Our Team

Malini Gowrishankar
Founder / CEO

7 years in IT as a techie, 6 years in media as voice-over/dubbing artist and creative writer, 3 years in travel as Founder/CEO of F5 Escapes. Passionate about women empowerment and quite vocal about social issues. Lover of coffee, rains, books, music, pets and children. Not-so-secret dream - setting foot in 40 countries before turning 40.

Akanksha Bumb
Chief Travel Planner

Life long experience in travelling with 2.5 years in travel operations, 2 years of which are with F5 Escapes as Chief Travel Planner.  4 years of management (HR) experience across manufacturing, Telecom and IT. Varied volunteering projects ranging from education, composting, organic farming and renewable energy. Artist and DIYer–creating and teaching mosaic art under the label Bohemian Snuffbumble.

Sindhu Rao
Manager - Marketing / Sales

A Bangalore based software engineer turned into passion follower. Currently, Marketer & tour lead at F5 Escapes. Interests include meeting passionate doers over a cup of coffee, trail running, exploring India one-breakfast-place at a time.  Confident, ambitious, extrovert, highly motivated 'enthu cutlet'. Usually found running around Cubbon Park or Lalbagh on a Sunday morning.

‘F5 Escapes’ is a Bangalore-based, alternate travel company, specializing in designing and executing all-women travel experiences. We offer all-women fixed departure tours and custom itineraries for women groups and families.

Come, join us, as we get set to redefine the way women travel.


  • provide unforgettable travel experiences, not just sight-seeing tours.
  • offer fixed departure tours and custom itineraries. So, whether you want to travel by yourself or with friends or just plan a family reunion, we can help you with all of that!
  • envision building a strong community of women travellers and non-travellers alike.
  • wish to bring in a social perspective to travel, by involving local communities and encouraging community initiatives.

Why F5?

We all need regular breaks be it a day’s off from our daily chores, life’s chaos, the work stress, the Bangalore traffic or a relationship crisis, be it anything, what matters is the break that you need. And how often is that idea put into action? Well, we don’t blame you for the inaction. We have been there, done that and hence the idea of F5 Escapes.


One thing that many women ask us is how do we ensure safety? We say this:

We or no one can promise any one’s safety. But we can make you FEEL safe. Here is how.

  • Well researched itineraries
  • Safety checks and processes in place
  • Places either visited by the team or recommended by our inner circle of women travelers
  • Attention to the minutest detail. We even check the stepney in the vehicle!
  • Well travelled, immensely confident, people friendly tour leads