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26 Dec

Bhushavali - My Travelogue

Bhushavali is a Fashion & Textile Designer by profession and an ardent traveler by passion. A wanderlust who loves to travel & hates crowds, she ventures to places where many don’t venture. I find new places which are roads-less traveled. I love riding my bike and I enjoy the journey itself, as much as the destination. says Bhushavali. We caught up with this wanderlust to find out little bit more about her travel journey.

    Can you tell us when and how did the travel bug bite you?

During my first job I moved to a different city away from home. So weekends weren’t fun to stay at home!

    And how do you fund your travel ?(savings/work whilst traveling/other)

Work whilst travelling

    How long have you been documenting your travel stories ?

I have been compiling my travel stories since 2009. You can find them at My Travelogue.

    Can you share with us, that one travel memory that you cherish till date ?

Bike road trip around Pondicherry and Backpacking across Europe

    Have you been to any place, which turned out to be totally different to how you had imagined? If so, how?

Epping forest in London.

    Your preferred travel companions?

Solo or anyone who would cherish the journey, destination and exploration as much as I do.

    Your views & experiences (if any) on safety while travelling on your own.

Trust your guts and pepper spray!

    We all know that travel teaches us a great deal of things about life. Can you share with us what has travel taught you ?
  • People in general and good and have a helping tendency, especially to women! People who take advantage are less.
  • Google translate, google maps and gps are best friends when you’re travelling to a place where you don’t know the local language.
  • Sleeping on the airport floor is cold, even if its summer!
    • Is there anything you do on your travels or in your every day life to try to minimize your impact on the environment?

    Consume less!

      Please share with us, your message to aspiring women travelers?

    Don’t be afraid to start!

    We asked Bhushavali to share a one word substitute on few travel related questions.

    1. If some one asked you to give up travel and choose exactly one thing to do in life, what would you choose?
    2. No ways!

    1. Your most preferred way of travelling (Backpacking/Economy/Luxury)?
    2. Budget

    1. What describes you as a travel style as a woman, the best? Nomad / Diva / Aam Aurat
    2. Aam Aurat

    1. A traveler who inspires you
    2. So many! Everyone who keeps traveling & exploring.

    You can follow Bhushavali’s travelogue on the below platforms

    ‘F5 Escapes’ is a Bangalore-based, experiential travel company, with a focus on redefining the way women travel in India. The premise of F5 is an ambitious dream –  to put India on the global travel map as a preferred destination for women from across the globe.

    F5 Escapes offers fixed departure all-women group tours, customized itineraries for families, groups and solo travellers. We also do in-city engagements which include #JustGo travel meetups, workshops to educate women on travel safety, sustainable menstruation, motorbiking etc.

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